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Lebron James Sucks – Sellout – Attention Hog

Lebitch James Sellout

Welcome Home Lebron!!!!

Lebron James is coming home to Cleveland!  Cleveland is now  one of the biggest focuses in the sports world with LBJ and Johnny Manziel.  Let’s hope that Kevin Love gets traded and signs a long term deal and that the Cavaliers can win a championship right away!

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Lebron James gets Beer dumped on him after Game 6 in Boston

He deserved it lol

Lebron, Here are the Headlines. The media and the world think you are a jerk!

Here are the headlines and as a side note that isn’t being brought up much. Isn’t it ironic that Dirk Nowitzki stuck with his team and didn’t quit on them, even when he lost in the first round to the Warriors? He won the championship the very next year after signing his contract extension. Think about that Labrom.

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LeBron James: Choke Job From a Quitter or Poor Coaching?‎ – International Business Times

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LeBron Slights Fans After Finals Loss – KERO-TV 23

Lebron James Latest Failure

Dear LeBron,

We have not seen you for a while, and miss you. I hope all is well for you D Wade and Chris. Hope that you enjoy all you have.


The 4th Quarter

Fun Lebron Stats

2-8 Record In the Finals
2.5 Points – 4th quarter Point average in the 2011 NBA Finals
8.9 PPG Decrease from Regular Season
0 – Rings Lebron has won
2 – Rings Lebron has Lost

Hey LaBron, Did you make the right “Decision”???? As far as your comment about your critics, if you are reading this, I wouldn’t trade places with you in a million years.

– Roscoe

“At the end of the day, all the people rooting for me to fail, they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life they had before they woke up today,” James said. “They have the same personal problems they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live.” – Lebron James

LeBron James’ Slap At Working Class Stings His Sponsors Too

Lebron the quitter (Quitness)

Well we have arrived at the playoffs again and we get to see how Lebron does against his favorite team, the Boston Celtics. We all know he quit last year against them. I personally watched the games and it was a little ridiculous to see how bad he played at times. Turnovers and just careless plays. Dan Gilbert says he quit in games 2,4,5 and 6.

I personally don’t think you will see any of this quitting this year as it is being brought up to him by reporters. If he quit and it was so obvious, this would permanently damage his reputation (worse than it already has). But lets say the Celtics come in and whoop on them and get up 3 games to zilch, the crybaby could come out of the woodwork and I highly doubt you will see a 100% effort.

ESPN has a story on him quitting last year that he of course denies. Well if you didn’t quit Lebron, you sure as heck stunk the place up!


Lebron James “Rise” Spoofs – Southpark

Here are two responses to “Rise”. One is a Southpark one and the other is made by some people from Cleveland. Lebron how much has your “Market Value” gone down? What have your “friends” told you about this?

Southpark “Rise” Spoof

Hitler Responds to Lebron James

Pretty Funny Stuff!!! Hitler’s Response to Lebron James for Leaving Cleveland Cavaliers


A Must Watch!!!!!

ESPN’s own Ohlmeyer RIPS the network for LeBron James ‘The Decision’ coverage

ESPN’s own Ohlmeyer RIPS the network for LeBron James ‘The Decision’ coverage


ESPN’s ombudsman despised the network’s 60-minute LeBron James free-agency special as much as everyone else.

In a blistering, 4,600-word column posted Wednesday night on the network’s website, Don Ohlmeyer ripped ESPN for airing LeBron’s free-agency special and writes that it violated the implicit trust between the network and its viewers. The television producer, who serves as ESPN’s independent journalism watchdog, criticized nearly every facet of the now-infamous program, writing that it “pandered to a superstar” and gave in to a “celebration of greed, ego and excess.”

[Photos: More images of LeBron James]

“The Decision” earned rebukes for its massive build-up, misleading viewers and blurring the lines between journalism and entertainment, or pretty much the same stuff that outside critics wrote in the wake of the program, which aired two weeks ago.

But Ohlmeyer saved most of his venom for what he perceived to be the biggest of ESPN’s violations: paying for a news story. Though money didn’t technically change hands between the network and LeBron (proceeds went to charity), Ohlmeyer believes that allowing LeBron and his team to sell an hour’s worth of advertising was essentially the same thing. By doing so, ESPN compromised the trust of its viewing audience.

“ESPN should never have traded inventory for access or allowed a subject to select his inquisitor,” he writes, “and if that meant losing the exclusive, so be it.”

Ohlmeyer didn’t blame everyone at the network for the fiasco. He mentions the dichotomy between the newsgathering side of ESPN and the one more focused on entertainment, and scolds the latter for compromising the integrity of the former. Letting LeBron and his team take over the network for 60 minutes was “editorial acquiescence, not an editorial decision.”

If anything, Ohlmeyer may have pulled his punches. There was plenty more to criticize about “The Decision,” from Michael Wilbon’s sycophantic interview with LeBron (which Ohlymeyer backhandedly complimented as “straightforward”) to the use of children as props during the program. To Ohlmeyer, though, such matters must have seemed trivial compared to ESPN doing its best impression of The National Enquirer and paying for a scoop.

After the column appeared on ESPN.com, the network released a statement saying “it aggressively seeks and embraces feedback of all kinds.”

More Anti Lebron Media Attention – This time about him brainwashing Chris Paul


Paul bends to King James’ rule

Chris Paul(notes) had come into the NBA with so much of Kevin Durant’s(notes) pureness of purpose: humble, grateful, still the kid who worked summers pumping gas and changing tires at his grandfather’s gas station in North Carolina. He constructed himself a reputation of values and character, and separated himself in all the best ways.

He should stay on course to be his generation’s Tim Duncan(notes), but that no longer appeals to Paul. He’s veered the wrong way, into the wrong clutches. Bad enough that LeBron James(notes) damaged his own standing in the sport this summer, he wants to take down Chris Paul with him too.
Other popular stories on Yahoo! Sports:

James, his business manager Maverick Carter and powerbroker William Wesley have far too much influence over Paul’s career, and they’re running it right out of the sunshine and into darkness. They’re using Paul as a commodity to elevate their clout, to show how they can take a player with no contractual leverage and muscle him out of New Orleans.

What they don’t care about – and maybe don’t understand – is that Paul built such a beautiful, unique relationship with the city of New Orleans. He’s been so truly invested there, a beacon and ambassador in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Yet, the James gang see these bonds as disposable and they’re convincing Paul of it, too.

In a Twitter pronouncement on Thursday, King James declared, “Best of luck to my brother [Chris Paul] … Do what’s best for You and your family.”

James was referencing Paul’s half-baked trade request that’s come through Worldwide Wes. Do what’s best for your family? Here’s an idea: What Paul ought to do is run away from James, Wesley, Carter and not stop moving until he’s returned to New Orleans and reaffirmed the obligations he’s made there. No, this isn’t a championship team, but a franchise player reveals himself in good times and bad.

What’s best for Paul’s family is best for everyone’s family in the NBA. It needs James to restrict the polluting onto others of his own warped value system. James plays for the Miami Heat, but somehow he wants control of transactions elsewhere, too. He wants the building of these so-called super teams to protect his own legacy, to make it look like he isn’t the only superstar searching for the easy way to championships.

Wesley has been running around for months trying to orchestrate a trade for Paul, and the packages he proposes are beyond comical. He doesn’t even know half the names of players on the rosters. CAA should take a long look in the mirror, and ask itself what kind of outfit it’s turned into with Wes running basketball operations.

Wes is a full-service middleman now: players, coaches and general managers. He has long orchestrated deals for players and coaches, but through CAA he’s also in the GM business now. Worldwide Wes was responsible for Oklahoma City Thunder executive Rich Cho getting hired as the Portland Trail Blazers’ GM. Now, Portland is one more franchise under the impression that Wes can broker a trade for Paul.

Before New Orleans hired Dell Demps as GM, Wes was asking people: Who is that guy? Now, Wesley and CAA will try to overrun the young, inexperienced Demps and coach Monty Williams with a trade demand. CAA does have a list of preferred teams, and Demps’ first act as GM should simply be to take the list and tear it up. Paul has two years left on his contract and no leverage unless the Hornets are foolish enough to relinquish it.

Paul is a first-team All-NBA talent, and you don’t trade those players. All the proposed deals for him bring back the same thing for New Orleans: far less value. Five nickels don’t add up to a quarter in basketball trades.

All this saga promises to do is cast Paul as an insolent star, and James’ group as the ultimate powerbrokers. Paul doesn’t want to hear this, but they’re preying on his insecurities. They’re using him.

In Paul’s earliest days with Team USA, officials preferred Deron Williams(notes) to him because they believed Williams was far more his own man. No one liked the way Paul was so eager to follow James, Carmelo Anthony(notes) and Dwyane Wade(notes). These changes haven’t come overnight with Paul, but over time. James, Carter and Wesley embarked on a long, orchestrated campaign to work Paul over, unfasten him from past loyalties and trusts, and transform him into a creation of their own.

And he’s let them, for no other reason than it seems Chris Paul believes this is somehow the path that will convince people that he belongs with the sport’s biggest stars. He could’ve stayed true to himself and elevated his standing, and now they’re dragging him down with them. Everyone else embraced Paul for an All-American image, for a wholesomeness, and it feels like he’s rejected it all now.

Chris Paul doesn’t need LeBron and Maverick and Wes. They need him. For their operation, Paul represents credibility. He’s always been better than this, and he needs to be again. As much as ever, the NBA needs Chris Paul to be true to his upbringing and character. Commitment always mattered to him, and it still should with the Hornets.

After all this bluster comes and goes this summer, and the Hornets don’t trade him, he still has to return to play there. All his brand new business partners have made that so much harder for him. He saved the NBA in New Orleans, and now it’s time he saves something else before it’s too late. His reputation, his good name.

All the advice that Chris Paul has ever needed out of LeBron James came calling in less than 140 characters on Thursday. Do what’s best for you and your family. Before it’s too late, Chris Paul needs to think for himself and respond with the best move of a brilliant young career: Turn around, go home and leave King James and his court of jesters far, far behind.